Choosing the Right Funds Within Your 401(k) Retirement Plan is Critical!

Choosing the right funds within your 401(k) Retirement Plan is the most critical and daunting task you face as a 401(k) investor. Instead of wading through the myriad of confusing fund choices then hoping you’ve made the right decisions let Relevant Investments do the hard work for you.

Many folks sprinkle their money amongst all or many of the funds offered, falsely believing they are spreading the risk. Unfortunately, this very often proves to be a costly mistake.

For a one time fee of $300 I will analyze the funds within your 401(k) for risk, management fees, and performance under various market environments and assign each fund to one of the following 4 categories:

Category 1 – These are the funds that contain the lowest fees, the widest diversification, and are expected to perform well under current market conditions.

Category 2 – These are the funds that contain the lowest fees, the widest diversification, but are NOT expected to perform well under current market conditions.

Category 3 – These are your safe haven funds. These funds will be used for near term cash needs during retirement and during transition periods when there are few Category 1 funds to choose from.

Category 4 – These funds should be avoided due to their high management fees, extraordinary risk, and/or lack of diversification.

For each fund I will provide a synopsis of the facts used in the category determination.

The under current market conditions caveats for Categories 1 and 2 is where Relevant Investments stands out from the crowd. Market conditions change over time and you need to know when these changes are taking place. Choosing the Right Funds at the Right Time is the key to success.

Each month over the next year I will analyze your Category 1 and 2 funds to ensure that that they are still properly categorized. When a change is warranted you will be sent an e-mail alerting you to the change so you can make the appropriate adjustments to your portfolio. Movements from one category to another do not happen often but should be attended to without haste.

A Category 1 fund moving to Category 2 is a warning flag that you could face significant losses if you remain invested in the fund.

A Category 2 fund moving to Category 1 is an all clear sign affording you an opportunity to achieve greater profits.

At the end of your first year you will receive a brief summary of the performance of your Category 1 funds over the previous 12 months. The annual fee to continue monthly monitoring is $100.

To begin the process, send me a  PDF file containing the names and full description of the funds available within your 401k plan or a public link to your employers 401(k) plan providing the same to

After ensuring I have enough information to complete my analysis, I will send you a PayPal link. You can expect to receive my completed analysis of your 401(k) funds within 5-7 business days.


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