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Relevant Investments was founded on July 12, 2011 to help Middle Americans make sound decisions in managing their IRA, Thrift Savings Plan (TSP), and 401k retirement plans.

My studies of investing and financial planning began in the early 80’s when it became clear that I would never have a guaranteed pension the likes of my grandfathers. Our society had become increasingly mobile. Many of my generation would not stay in one state their entire adult lives, let alone work for the same employer. To accommodate this new mobile society, congress created the IRA and 401k type retirement accounts.

Up until the “Dot.Com” crash of 2000/2001 my studies and analysis of investment choices & strategies were in lockstep with the “Fundamental” thesis for retirement savers: Invest regularly in broad based stock and bond mutual funds (Dollar Cost Average), stay fully invested regardless of market conditions (Buy & Hold), and periodically adjust the asset allocation mix between stocks and bonds based on age.

Although I was keenly aware of the dangers brewing within many of the “Dot.Com” companies in the late 90’s, I was blinded by the “Fundamental Buy & Hold” mantra. The “Buy & Holders” ultimately saw nearly half of their retirement savings disappear between March 2000 and October 2002.  Those that jumped ship near the bottom of the market faired much worse. They missed the rebound for fear of further declines.  The only thing worse than “Buy & Hold” is “Buy High and Sell Low”.

In 2003 I began my research for a “Safety Net” strategy for the “Buy & Hold” investor using “Technical Analysis”. After 2 years of study I found several techniques that held promise but they proved only 70% accurate and required active trading. I simply could not obtain the historical data necessary to formulate a practical solution for the semi-passive investor.

By 2006 real estate was booming and the stock market appeared to be in full recovery.  Maybe the “Buy & Hold, Dollar Cost Averaging Turtle” would win the race after all. Then in 2008 we saw the market plummet 50% again.

In 2009, I went back to the drawing board to try once again to develop a “Safety Net” strategy for the “Buy & Hold” investor.

In early 2010 I felt I was close to a solution.  The internet had matured. Historical data was now more readily available and I had 2 modern day market crashes as a benchmark.

Shortly after attending an inspiring sermon at Relevant Church on living “Audaciously” the pieces of the puzzle fell into place and a business plan was formed.

Relevant Investments, LLC celebrated the grand opening of “RelevantInvestments.com” on May 01, 2012.

In the spirit of living “Audaciously” I’ve set the subscription price at a low $24 per year to help as many people as possible.

Founder and Managing Director
Relevant Investments, LLC

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